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The popularity of beach volleyball has exploded over the last few years.  It made the quickest transition from an emerging sport to a championship sport in NCAA history. 
Count on us to support and guide you through  the process!

How do I get started?

Will charge $35 an hour when working for you. Email Jesse to get started at USAHBVC@GMAIL.COM.

 Our goal is to get every player recruited.  Players need to text us highlights, CC on all emails sent to college coaches, request college coaches to call us, and follow the instructions below will definitely have many opportunities to get a college scholarship. College coaches are currently recruiting. 

Your dream is to play collegiate beach volleyball. Fortunately for you there is now, more than ever before, this growing and emerging opportunity to make that dream into a reality. Schools across the country, from the plains to the mountains to the beaches, are now offering varsity college beach volleyball programs and looking for athletes like you to fill their rosters. As of 2019, there are nearly hundreds of schools offering varsity beach volleyball programs, making beach volleyball the fastest growing collegiate sport in NCAA history.

Our goal is to help streamline the recruiting process for our prospective student-athletes. Although the recruiting process may feel like a daunting task, it can actually be quite simple (and exciting!) with a better understanding of the process. By following the guidelines I have outlined in the following plans and make your dreams of playing collegiate beach volleyball come true.

Should I register somewhere?

***Registering with the NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Centers is the first step you should take in becoming a collegiate athlete.***  


NCAA Eligibility Center:

NAIA Eligibility Center:

We need all players registered at NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers. 

How do we make contact with colleges we are interested in?

First and foremost - your coaches at HBVC have existing relationships with most college coaches and will make initial contact for you. 

For the next steps, compose an email letter specific to each school program you are interested in.

Here is an example letter:

Dear Coach Martin,

My name is Jay Smith. I am 16 years old and a sophomore at Redondo Beach High School in Southern California. I know of Cal State because my family regularly hikes in the mountains surrounding the campus, and I love the area.  My mom graduated from Cal State and we were all thrilled to hear you added a beach program this year.   

I have been playing beach volleyball for three years, and began playing on my local sand volleyball club when I was twelve years old.  I typically compete in older divisions and last summer I finished 3rd in the CBVA for the 16U division. 

I am currently 5’9” and my approach jump is 9’6”.  I practice both as a blocker and as a defender in sand volleyball, but during competition I primarily play defense.  I train full time with Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club in Hermosa Beach.  My direct coaches are Jesse Webster and Dave Callis.  I am extremely hard working and dedicated to the sport.  I train full time with my club team and have started training twice a week.  I have increased my vertical four inches in the last two months.  

I have an unweighted GPA of 3.8, and a weighted GPA of a 4.2, and I’m scheduled to take the PSAT in the spring.  I like History and Cultural Studies, and I am very interested in the Anthropology degree at Cal State.  

Please let me know if there is a time that I could come visit Cal State and meet you and learn more about your program!  Also, do you have any beach camps?  Feel free to contact me directly or go through one of my coaches.  Their information is listed below.

Here is a short video clip of recent in-competition play: **youtube link** 

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Jaylyn Smith

Club Contact:

Jesse Webster 


Cell: 213-952-4231

How do I create a highlight video?

With today's technology, this becomes easier and easier.  Videos should be 3-5 minutes and feature highlights of all the foundational volleyball skills; passing, hitting, serving, setting, blocking etc.  Showcase your top skills in game situations.  Please ensure to take all videos in the landscape position for better viewing.  The beginning and the ending of the video should include your key information like name, grad year, heighth, etc.

What are some questions I should ask the coaches about their program?

Questions for Parents for coach 
How many freshmen are being recruited in my daughters class?
When does your head coaching contract end?
How does the team treat walk-ons?  
Have players been cut from the team?  Why?
How important is this sport to the administration and the athletic director?
Do you compete in the NCAA or NAIA?
How many scholarships do you hold?
What was the team’s GPA last year?
How are the players supported academically?
Where do the other girls on the team live?
How many girls travel on the roster?
What is the policy for staying in town during holidays and the Summer?
What expenses does the financial aid or scholarship cover?
If my daughter is injured, what happens to her financial aid?
Are their opportunities for employment/internship while my daughter is a student?
What medical expenses are covered by the school?
How do you determine if my daughter is eligible to renew her scholarship?  Can it be taken away?

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